Camping with wine and friends in Nelson

Terms & Conditions: Guest Responsibilities

Kia Ora and welcome to Tāhuna Beach Holiday Park!  Thank you for choosing us as your place to stay.

We are committed to taking care of New Zealand – our land, our sea and our culture – through the Tiake Promise, and we ask that you keep New Zealand clean, show respect, protect nature, drive carefully and be prepared.

Please observe the following Park Rules and be aware of your guest responsibilities, so that your stay, and the stay of other guests, will be safe and enjoyable.

TBHP reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions with no prior notice.

1. General

1.1         Our business trading name is Tāhuna Beach Holiday Park and Motel (‘TBHP’, ‘Holiday Park’ or ‘Park’).

We operate under Tāhuna Beach Camp Incorporated and provide accommodation in the form of camping sites, cabins and self-contained units within our Holiday Park premises.

1.3         TBHP reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions with no prior notice.

1.2         Our address:

Tāhuna Beach Holiday Park

70 Beach Road, Tāhunanui

Nelson 7042, New Zealand

1.3         Our business and customer service contact details are:

Telephone: (03) 548 5159


1.4         All rates accommodation rates are GST (15%) inclusive and are in New Zealand dollars (NZ$). We accept Visa, Mastercard and New Zealand cash.  Payment by credit card carries a 2.5% surcharge.

1.5         Check-in is after 2pm.  Check-out is by 10am.

1.6         Our Peak (Christmas) Period is 20 Dec – 10 January; High Season is 1 October – 31 March; Low Season 1 April – 30 September.

1.7         Minimum stay requirements apply at certain times of year.

1.8         A copy of these Terms & Conditions is provided to guests at the time of booking accommodation and such booking is confirmation of guests’ acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

2.          Reservation Conditions

2.1         Payments

    • A non-refundable deposit consisting of the first night’s tariff per unit/site is required at the time of booking to confirm all reservations.
    • Credit card details are required to be provided at the time of booking.
    • Payment must be made for the full term booked.
    • There will be no reduction in fees, or refunds for early departure or late arrival.
    • Minimum stay periods/tariffs apply in during weekends, public holidays, school holidays and the Peak Period.
    • TBHP reserves the right to alter tariffs without notice at any time before bookings are confirmed.

2.2       Alterations to Bookings

    • Alterations can be made to bookings subject to availability and may require guests to accept a unit/site change.
    • An administration fee may apply where alterations are made to bookings.
    • TBHP reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the alteration reduces the reservation below minimum requirements (as specified in clause 1.8) and cancellation penalties will apply.
    • Alterations that increase the number of guests require TBHP approval.
    • No refunds will be given where amendments to bookings reduce the number of nights reserved unless TBHC receives 30 days’ written notice in the high season or 14 days’ notice in the low season.
    • Alterations to bookings which extend the number of nights reserved require payment for the extra nights at the time the alteration is made.

3.          Cancellations or Early Departures

3.1         Bookings that fall outside our Peak Christmas Period of 20 December – 10 January:  the deposit is non-refundable for cancellations unless TBHP receives at least 72 hours (three days) notice of the cancellation prior to arrival.

3.2         Bookings that fall within our Peak Christmas Period 20 December – 10 January:  the deposit is non-refundable for cancellations unless TBHP receives at least 30 days’ notice of the cancellation prior to arrival.

3.3         There are no refunds for early departure due to weather or any other reason whatsoever.  Bookings are not trasnferable to any other person.

3.4         TBHP reserves the right to cancel bookings at any time due to drunken or objectionable behaviour or when any Park rules are breached.

3.5         Where TBHP cancels bookings under this clause, no refunds will be given. Refund of fees will not apply.

3.6         If guests cancel bookings they shall not be entitled to any refunds unless provided otherwise herein.

4.          Tariff/Prices

4.1         TBHP tariff/prices are reviewed yearly.  Please be aware prices may change when booking in advance from one season to the next and the new rate will apply.

5.          Pre-Arrival Check-in

5.1         Guests who have booked a camping site during the Peak Period may avoid queuing by paying for their booking in full prior to arrival.

5.2         Where full payment is made prior to arrival, guest will be sent a gate code text on the morning of arrival and then ushered direct to their site on arrival by a bike usher, without having to stop at Reception.

5.3         To arrange payment in advance, contact Reception either by telephone or email.

6.          Check-in

6.1         Guests will be given a personal Entrance Gate code.

6.2         Guests must have their entrance code handy every time they enter the Park.

7.          Check-out

7.1         Check-out time is 10am to allow for a full clean prior to our next guests arriving.

7.2         Additional charges will apply for late check-out.  Late check-out may be accommodated for at the discretion of TBHP by prior arrangement.

7.3         Keys are to be returned to Reception or placed in the early departure key box at the exit barrier when departing. A charge to guests’ credit cards will apply for unreturned keys.

8.          Abandoned Property

8.1         If guests leave any property (including temporary abodes and vehicles) at the Park on departure, TBHP may remove and/or store the property at the owner’s expense.

8.2         If the said property is not collected by the owner within four weeks of departure TBHP may dispose of the property at the owners’ expense.

8.3         Guests agree to TBHP recovering expenses relating to storage and disposal by way of TBHP charging their credit card.

8.4         Such property will be at the owner’s risk whilst in TBHP’s possession or in the possession of a storage agent and TBHP bears no responsibility for such property and shall not be liable for any damage to the property caused by third parties or for theft of the property.

8.5         TBHP shall not be liable to the owner or any other person for disposing of property in accordance with clause 7.2.

9.          Overdue Accounts

9.1         TBHP reserves the right to charge overdue fees for any amounts outstanding after the due date for payment.


10.       Alcohol

10.1       Alcohol may be consumed responsibly by those aged 18 years and older throughout the Park with the exception of The Deck Café and the Beachside Function Centre.

11.        Drugs

11.1       TBHP has zero tolerance of any illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia in the Park.

11.2       Any detection of drugs will result in immediate cancellation of bookings without refund and those in breach will be required to leave the Park immediately.

12.       Smoking

12.1      Smoking is not permitted inside any Park buildings or accommodation.

12.2     Outside, please dispose of cigarette butts carefully – throwing them onto the ground releases toxic plastics into the waterways and is a fire hazard.

13.       Behaviour

13.1       Reasonable behaviour is expected at all times in the Park.

13.2       Loud swearing, excessive drinking, and loud parties will not be tolerated at any hour.

13.3       If you are being disturbed by your neighbours, please contact Reception (03 548 5159) or Night Security (03 545 7855).

14.       Bikes

14.1      Bike helmets must be worn at all times by adults and children while riding bikes and scooters in the Park.

15.       Book Exchanges

15.1      Any books and magazines left by guests on departure will be relocated to the Sky Lounge so other people might enjoy them.

16.      Children

16.1     Parents/caregivers are responsible for their children at all times. Please supervise your children in and around the Park and while they are using Park facilities.  The definition of a ‘child’ is anyone under the age of 15 years.

17.       Cleaning/Damage

17.1      Please notify Reception of any breakages or damage to Park property, or of any cleaning or maintenance issues.

17.2      TBHP reserves the right to recover costs for damage or where extra cleaning is required, by way of charging guests’ credit cards.

17.3      Facilities and barbeques must be left clean and tidy after use.

            Dogs – refer to PETS (item 28).

18.      Drones

18.1      Drones are not permitted to be flown in any area of the Park due to our proximity to Nelson Airport.

19.      Emergencies

19.1      In all cases of emergency, the Park-wide PA system will instruct guest what to do.  This system will operate even if there is a power outage.  In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of the Park, management will provide direction and the safest method via the Park-wide PA system and text.

19.2      Please refer to the back of the Park Map you were given provided on arrival for specific emergency information, emergency assembly points and the locations of fire alarms and extinguishers throughout the Park.

20.       Fires

20.1      Braziers or open fires of any kind are not permitted in the Park.

20.2     Wood burners inside vehicles are not permitted in the Park.

20.3     Gas BBQs and gas/charcoal cookers which are in safe working order can be used by responsible adults.

21.       Fridge Lockers

21.1      Chilled lockers are in Blocks 1, 3 and 6 if guests wish to store refrigerator items securely. The cost is $1 per day with a $20 deposit – see Reception for more details.

22.       Force Majeure

22.1      TBHP will not be liable for any delay or non-performance of its obligations to provide booked accommodation arising from any cause beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to acts of God, floods, storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, natural disasters, fires, explosions, warfare or other hostility, an act or threat of terrorism, invasion or infestation, embargo, strike, riot, interruption to transportation, epidemic or pandemic, government laws or regulations or restrictions, or any hazardous situation.

22.2  If the provision of accommodation or services are delayed under this clause then TBHP will advise guests as soon as reasonably possible and will resume performance of its obligations as soon as reasonably possible.

23.       Gift Vouchers

23.1      Gift vouchers are available for accommodation (nominate your own value).

24.       Guest and Visitor Responsibility

24.1      All persons enter the Park at their own risk and are totally responsible for their own property, themselves, children, pets and other guests.

24.2      Parents/caregivers are required to supervise their children at all times.

24.3      Use pedestrian access when walking or biking through the Park’s entrance and never walk under the barrier arm at the entrance or exit.

24.4      Please inform management as soon as possible if any hazards are identified.

25.       Health & Safety

25.1      Guests shall at all times while on Park grounds comply with their duties and obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and all relevant amendments and substitutions (the Act), together with all regulations, rules, guidelines and codes of practice (“associated instruments”) made under the Act.

25.2      Without limiting anything in clause 39.1, guests shall:

    • Maintain an environment at the Park that is without risks to health and safety;
    • Ensure that they do not expose themselves, their children or their visitors and invitees to health and safety risks that are under the guest’s control;
    • Follow all directions and comply with all procedures given by TBHP in the case of an emergency;
    • Ensure that they notify TBHP as soon as possible of any identified risks to health and safety of any person in the Park;
    • Co-operate with and assist TBHP to comply with its duties and obligations in relation to the Park (if any) under the Act and associated instruments;
    • Clause 38.2: “health” shall mean physical and mental health

26.       Keys

26.1      There is a key box to the right of the Exit barrier in which guests may deposit their key on final departure.  Alternatively, guests may leave their key in their unit.

26.2     If TBHP does not locate a guests’ key within 24 hours of departure, a charge of $50 will be made to their credit card, however 50% is reimbursed if the key is returned within one week of departure.

27.      Parking

27.1      No parking of cars, boats or trailers outside of site boundaries. This includes on the roadside, neighbouring sites and ALL green spaces.

27.2     Parking is allocated for all cabin accommodation.

27.3     Limited storage for caravans, motorhomes, cars and boas is available over Peak Season for a nominal fee, otherwise parking is outside of the Park.

27.4     Visitors of guests are not permitted to park inside the Park grounds from 15 December – 31 January.

28.      Pets

28.1      TBHP is pet-friendly from 1 February–30 November in a designated camping area of the Park (Green camping Zone) by prior arrangement.  A No-Pets policy is enforced between 1 December and 31 January due to the number of guests on site.

28.2      No pets are allowed in roofed accommodation at any time of the year, except for service animals. If a pet is identified in a guest’s roofed accommodation, the guest responsible will be required to remove the pet immediately and pay a cleaning fee of $100.00.

28.3      Visitors are not permitted to bring pets on site (including in vehicles) at any time during the year.

29.       Powered Sites

29.1      Campervans/caravans must have a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWOF) and also comply with LPG Standard (AS/NZS3100).

29.2      Tents plugged into power can only use an approved and tested ‘camping style’ power cord (with 3 long round pins), at least 10 metres long, with a safety RCD.

29.3      Guests are required to have WoF documentation and tested, tagged power cords available for us to check if asked.

29.4      Power cords must stay within the boundaries of a site.

29.5      Guests must not connect vans or tents on multiple sites to one power source.

29.6      Guests must ensure the power plug is fully connected.  Damage resulting from incorrectly connected plugs will incur a charge to the guest.

29.7      TBHP reserves the right to unplug any connection that does not comply with any laws or regulations or these Terms & Conditions.

29.8      Generators are not permitted at any time.

29.9      Please note: Any caravan older than 1993 is not compatible with the power supply in Block 1, unless internal electrics have been updated.

30.       Quiet Time

30.1       Quiet time is expected and appreciated between 10pm and 7am. Please be thoughtful of fellow guests at all times.

30.2     Up to four exceptions to this quiet time will occur during the Summer Events Programme, with prior notice to guests, including New Year’s Eve.

31.       Rubbish / Recycling

31.1       Please use recycling and rubbish bins around the camp. We appreciate your help with sorting bottles, paper, cans etc from your daily rubbish and placing everything in the appropriate bins.

31.2      Camping guests must keep their sites tidy and free of rubbish at all times including utilising the appropriate bins on departure.

31.3      If staying in roofed accommodation, the bin liners are biodegradable and removed by housekeeping.

32.       Security Cameras

32.1      Security cameras are operational 24/7, however guests are encouraged to lock up valuables.

32.2      TBHP has security staff on site throughout the night; they are contactable on the After Hours Number – 03 545 7855.

33.       Site Set-Up

33.1      All caravans and trailers must be placed on the site in a manner that enables easy removal on departure.

33.2     Any living space must be set up 1.5m from the site boundary.

34.       Speed

34.1      The maximum speed limit is 10kph.

34.2      Failure to adhere to the speed limit in the Park may result in vehicle access being refused and/or the guest’s booking cancelled.

34.3      The road network throughout the Park is a Shared Zone and signs remind guests and visitors of this throughout the Park.

34.4      Please be watchful for children, pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.  Cyclists must wear helmets.

35.       Visitors

35.1      All visitors are to register at Reception before accessing the Park.

35.2      Registered guests are responsible for their visitors at all times.

35.3      TBHP reserves the right to refuse entry when the Park is full.

35.4      Visitors’ vehicles are not permitted in the Park during our Peak Christmas Period.

35.5      Day visitors are welcome after 8.00am and must depart by 10pm. Staying after 10pm qualifies as a visitor as a ‘guest’ and must be registered and paid for as such.

35.6      Visitors are not permitted to bring pets on site, even in vehicles.

36.       Waste-Water

36.1      Campervans and caravans must provide their own waste container.

36.2     Wastewater and chemical toilets must be emptied in the dump station provided.

36.3     Please note Green Zone does not have a dump station; the closest is in Blue Zone (Block 5).