Guests Feedback

Over the course of each year, tens of thousands of people stay with us and a large percentage give us feedback.  We very much value the helpful suggestions, observations or sometimes negative feedback because that keeps us on track to being the best we possibly can be.  However, not going to lie, the good comments made by the vast majority just make us feel good!
We’re proud to share some of these positive comments on this page each month, endorsing our great location, facilities and services.  We all love this place and it’s great that so many of our guests do too.


The Park looked so clean and tidy, and the staff were so amazing. We loved being with friends and that the Park was very peaceful. It is great for families and children.

 Marie 7 January 2024


Our most memorable experience was being so close to the beach and being able to ride our bikes everywhere. We have been twice before and loved it. We spent eight nights in the White block on site 25. This is a wonderful site, and the facilities were amazing. Always clean and well maintained. Thank you. We joined in for the quiz night and loved it. It was well run and lots of fun.

Marion 6 January 2024


We enjoyed that you were able to accommodate our family and celebrate my daughter’s birthday. Amazing staff! Everyone working at the reception area are wonderful. Joe went above and beyond. The cafe was great. No improvements needed. Our family enjoyed the tractor rides and the blow-up slide.

  Daniel 16 January 2024


Loved eating breakfast with a view to the beach, walking to the back beach for sunset swims, travelling to cape farewell, dinner in town and walking back to camp along the key. Another great stay at this campground. Great tent site this year overlooking the amphitheatre and views of the ocean. Our stay was amazing.  Loved the yoga session we attended. Would love to do this again.

– Gayle 15 January 2024


Was great all-round camping trip yet again! Facilities in white block are fantastic. We have stayed many years at TBHP the kids love it, always looks like money is being invested back into facilities, new options and upgrades of the park. Kids went on the tractor rides almost every day, we also caught the bus into town. Lots of activities down the back for kids and families.

Nick 15 January 2024


Amazing atmosphere, great entertainment. Kids enjoyed themselves so much the toilets and showers were always SO clean and tidy. If there was in issue on the grounds it was sorted super-fast was an amazing experience. Excellent for the kids. They really enjoyed it. Staff were helpful and amazing.

Pip 4 January 2024


Beach House was great. What an amazing house and so good for our complex needs. We have three kids all with various sensory needs and physical abilities. The kids all love their own room and their space to hangout and relax. Everything was amazing, loved it. Can’t think of anything to improve on.

Bridget 2 January 2024