Guests Feedback

Over the course of each year, tens of thousands of people stay with us and a large percentage give us feedback.  We very much value the helpful suggestions, observations or sometimes negative feedback because that keeps us on track to being the best we possibly can be.  However, not going to lie, the good comments made by the vast majority just make us feel good!
We’re proud to share some of these positive comments on this page each month, endorsing our great location, facilities and services.  We all love this place and it’s great that so many of our guests do too.



Very tidy camp and facilities. Very professional staff and great operating systems to make my stay (and other campers) a pleasant easily managed experience. When our ‘admin stuff’ of going on holiday is sorted, it makes for a more enjoyable holiday. Thank you. I could relax, come and go easily, felt secure. A home away from home.

Stuart 12th of February 2023


Most memorable experience was the hot sunny summer days camping and the fun NY eve. Great summer weather! Loved the new toilet block near the amphitheatre!! Loved the new car recognition setup – so easy for coming and going!! We did the quiz night kids loved the water slide each day was yoga on…I enjoyed this last year.

Nikki 15th of January 2023


How much extra activity you have on for the kids is so awesome! Waling to the beach and meeting great people. Meeting others! Having all the facilities close to us:) kids activities are a real bonus the blowup slide!

Sarah 14th of January 2023


So lovely and friendly, quiet and clean. I could see your work on the toilet blocks each year. We enjoyed block 4 the most. Block 3 was so nice – the kitchen was great for breakfast and an excellent fridge was available – so reasonable. Thank you. I love how you have activities for all age groups. The water slide was enjoyed by the wider group. The tractor ride was fun. Thanks so much for a very enjoyable stay.

Mary 5th of January 2023


Great location, friendly staff and a warm welcome. I always enjoy staying at Tahuna Holiday Park, friendly staff make for a warm welcome. Have had no hassles with our stays…..easy.

Cheryl 26th of February 2023


The weather and the good family vibe, the campgrounds and facilities were looking spot on. Our site, great shower pressure and clean facilities, the band for New Year, family vibe, ease of everything, check-in, rego recognition for gate arm.

Brenda 3rd of January 2023


The shower pressure is sooo good. And love there’s no time limit and showers are free. Enjoyed the boardwalk and the ocean. Kids loved the BMX track. Loved the security which allowed for the kid’s freedom. Appreciate the 10 pm noise curfew. Unlimited wifi option was great value!

Sarah 4th of January 2023