Guests Feedback

Over the course of each year, tens of thousands of people stay with us and a large percentage give us feedback.  We very much value the helpful suggestions, observations or sometimes negative feedback because that keeps us on track to being the best we possibly can be.  However, not going to lie, the good comments made by the vast majority just make us feel good!
We’re proud to share some of these positive comments on this page each month, endorsing our great location, facilities and services.  We all love this place and it’s great that so many of our guests do too.


It was only an overnighter but we were happy with the Unit. The bed was fine along with the facilities that were clean and tidy. We always make a point of staying at Tāhuna Park and have done so for say the last 70 years, we just like it there. It is well-situated easy to find and pleasant staff. It was quiet until Air NZ woke us up but other than the initial fright there was nothing averse or negative. Just keep the same formula of being pleasant to people and offer the equality facilities and you will still be around for the next 70 years.

Warren 29th of August 2023


The most memorable experience was the professional  way your camp is run. Everything seems to be catered for – in the area we were parked. The view and proximity to facilities and the highlights. We enjoyed the walkway and beach adjacent. Think you have it covered.

David and Linda 28th of August 2023


The peaceful scenic setting was very memorable. Very comfortable unit with everything we needed. We really appreciated being able to park our boat trailer nearby with good security on site. We would definitely like to stay again. 

Anna & Roger 19th of August 2023


Loved the cosiness of our unit. It was also great having the cafe on site with meals, very handy. The weather was lovely. There was a good distance between units.

– Heather 15th of August 2023


The camp site I was in has a beautiful view. Also the bathroom was in great condition. The Free WiFi had excellent connection and easy access. Good sized campsite. Great bathrooms.

Karen 2nd of August 2023


Awesome atmosphere, cool areas for kids to play. It’s really hard to find somewhere to stay where the kids can play and don’t have to be stuck in the motel room. Nothing to improve on.

Brooke 28th of August 2023


Clean tidy comfortable. I enjoyed the area, pleasant staff and the accomodation. Everything was clean and comfortable. All good no changes needed.

Dennis 28th of August 2023