Guests Feedback

Over the course of each year, tens of thousands of people stay with us and a large percentage give us feedback.  We very much value the helpful suggestions, observations or sometimes negative feedback because that keeps us on track to being the best we possibly can be.  However, not going to lie, the good comments made by the vast majority just make us feel good!
We’re proud to share some of these positive comments on this page each month, endorsing our great location, facilities and services.  We all love this place and it’s great that so many of our guests do too.



We stayed for a sports tournament. The facilities were great! We booked a studio room which seems to have been refurbished quite recently. The room was more than expected and in fact the pics on your website don’t do it justice, we were very impressed.

Melissa 15th of November 2022


My toddler loved the planes flying overhead. The location is great. A huge range of activities to do nearby and a range of accommodation options that cater for a wide range of people.

Lucy 17th of October 2022


Lovely housekeeping staff, very friendly and welcoming. Super helpful. We were intending only to stay one night to catch up with family but due to ferry issues decided to stay in nelson longer. Really enjoyed our stay, I am sure if we ever return to Nelson, we will make a point to staying here.

Sally 26th of July 2022


Superbly clean facilities. Laundry facilities excellent and wonderfully maintained. Relaxed, plenty of room, tidy manicured grounds. This business is a real credit to the owners and a wonderful asset for Nelson.

Gavin 16th of October 2022


Staff was very efficient and accommodating. Well equipped kitchen and cleanliness. Great location and views.

Gertruida 17th of July 2022


We have been staying each Christmas holidays for several years now, it has become a tradition for our family. We have several groups of friends with same-age children that come at the same time as well as friends we have made purely from our time at Tahuna that we enjoy reuniting with. What I like most is how family orientated it is, with activities and a safe space for the kids to enjoy.

Melissa 5th of January 2022


That was the most fabulous place we stayed at, and we travelled from Far North down East coast to Nightcaps, up West Coast to Kohaihai, across the top back up West Coast North Island. The people are friendly, clean and efficient. The Facilities are fantastic, loads of new ablution blocks. Kids are catered for. Great walk around the perimeter 45 min.

Heather 11th of November 2022