Guests Feedback

Over the course of each year, tens of thousands of people stay with us and a large percentage give us feedback.  We very much value the helpful suggestions, observations or sometimes negative feedback because that keeps us on track to being the best we possibly can be.  However, not going to lie, the good comments made by the vast majority just make us feel good!
We’re proud to share some of these positive comments on this page each month, endorsing our great location, facilities and services.  We all love this place and it’s great that so many of our guests do too.


A pleasant Motorhome site near the Beach. We needed a location near to friends & places of interest. Peaceful surroundings & Beach view. Keep up the friendly reception, great staff & very well-maintained facilities. 

 – RichardMay 2024


Loved the TV room and facilities. Very homely and loved it. I stayed in the motor camp and it was a beautiful spot. It was my first time and I wanted to experience the motor home. 

 Brent 2 April 2024


The feeling of waking up in a beautiful spot in the area I wish to reside and retire in. A very fair rate for the plentiful supply of facilities and large space. Relaxing, enjoying the sounds of the beach and the airplanes. I think you have a good thing going there as it is. 

  Micheal 8 April 2024


Always enjoy staying at Tāhuna. The location is perfect friendly customer service and the park is clean and well maintained. Quiet surroundings and loved the fact that the park is close to the beach.

– Lorraine & Roger 20 Apri 2024


Excellent and helpful staff, perfect location and the grounds were kept clean and tidy. Best holiday park for families. The staff were very accomodating , close to the beach and parks. Absolutely loved our time at Tāhuna holiday park. 

Joanne 24 April 2024


My most memorable experience was watching the sunset over the beach. It was a perfect location, nice & tidy campground with great facilities. The booking website was excellent!

Dan 3 April 2024


Enjoy having a good hot shower. TBHP has the best showers of any camping park in New Zealand. Plenty of pressure and plenty of pressure. Not overcrowded in March 2024 – peaceful.

Geoffrey 13 April 2024