Pics Peanut Butter World

Bring the whole family along and take the world-famous Peanut Butter World Tour! It has been specifically designed for people of all ages and mobilities so you can be shown first-hand how the creation of this delicious food is done.

You’ll hear the story of Pics beginning in the Peanut Butter industry and learn all about the production of the Peanut Butter from roasting the nuts to stacking pallets onto their trucks. You’ll also be able to have your own go at making their peanut butter while sampling theirdifferent flavours such as cashew and almond. You can finish off your tour by stopping by the Peanut Butter Store and grabbing a coffee from The PC Eatery.

On your way out be sure to take a photo with the world’s largest jar of Pics Peanut Butter!