Our Place in the Environment

Our mission is to provide you, our guest with an enjoyable stay with the least possible impact on the environment. Our guiding principles are manaakitanga – the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others – and kaitiakitanga, the concept of guardianship and protection of the environment.

It is up to all of us to be good ancestors; we aim to preserve the natural beauty of the Holiday Park and the wider area so future generations may enjoy it as we do today. This means carefully meeting the needs of today while giving thought to the needs of tomorrow.

Tāhuna Beach Holiday Park has 1km of coastline, bordering Tāhunanui Beach and the inlet known as Back Beach.  This area is filled with life that we may not be aware of but is important to the healthy biodiversity of the ecosystem.

We would be grateful if you assisted us in taking care of our special piece of New Zealand.

Unique Habitat

One example of our special environment is the Back Beach Beetle (Bembidion (zechillenus) tillyardi) a critically endangered species of flightless ground beetle.  Until recently it was thought to only exist at Back Beach, beside the Holiday Park, until the latest survey in 2018 happily found a second population at Delaware Inlet, on the other side of Nelson.

What we are doing

Energy and water saving

In addition to upgrading and building energy efficient facilities and buildings, we have installed devices that reduce the amount of electricity, gas and water used in the Holiday Park, as well as reducing our night-time light pollution.


Waste management stations are located readily throughout the Holiday Park to encourage the responsible disposal of rubbish: general waste; plastic, paper and tins; glass; and cardboard.  We also use biodegradable rubbish bags in the accommodation bins.


As part of our corporate social responsibility, we support and donate to community based clubs and activities, sports groups and special needs programs including the Brain Injured Children Trust – Nelson Region, Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter, Autism NZ – Nelson Districts, Lions Club of Nelson (for youth wellbeing and development), the Historic Transport Museum, the annual Weetbix TRYathlon, and Tāhunanui Bowling Club.


We are actively committed to maintaining and protecting our trees and developing new gardens within the Holiday Park; taking care of our waterways and run-off; supporting replanting of native species in the Tāhunanui area (including an annual staff beach clean-up day), and supporting alternative transport routes such as cycle lanes and bus routes through the area.

We are also part of the NZ Holiday Parks and Predator Free 2050 Trust partnership – ‘Restoring our native wildlife one holiday park at a time’.

What you can do

Energy and water saving

While we have installed energy saving measures, it still makes a difference if you turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use, re-use towels by drying them on our clotheslines, close doors during cold weather to keep the heat in, and limit the amount of time you spend in the shower.


Please sort your rubbish correctly and drop in the appropriate bins as signage shows; sadly if an item goes in the wrong bin it can contaminate the whole bin making it non-recyclable.  Please dispose of cigarette butts in the bins provided as they leach plastics into the waterways if thrown on the ground.  Leave unwanted magazines and books in the Holiday Park library for others to enjoy.


In the Holiday Park, look after our trees and gardens, and be respectful of the Holiday Park facilities and fellow guests.

When on the beach or inlet, tread carefully, take any rubbish with you and leave the vegetation and sand as undisturbed as possible: take only photos and leave only footprints.  Further afield, walk or cycle instead of using the car when appropriate.  As New Zealand leaders in conservation, there are many excellent tours based around ecology available in this region; ask at Reception if you’d like to experience one.

We hope you leave Tāhuna Beach Holiday Park knowing your actions have helped us maintain and enhance our special part of New Zealand.