Tahuna Beach Holiday Park has 850 campsites spread across 54 hectares of parkland. These are located in four separate colour-coded zones, which means you can choose the area that has the features and facilities you want.

Each zone has its own communal kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities – along with a recycling station. As well, here’s a quick snapshot of the other features and facilities of each zone.

 White zoneYellow zoneBlue zoneGreen zone
LocationClosest to park entrance & shopIn the centre of the parkIn the heart of our recreation zoneMost westerly/ scenic area
Parenting facilitiesYesYes
Disabled facilitiesYesYesYes
Water front sitesYesYes

Please see our park map or follow the links below to find out more about the features of each zone.

Powered sites

Most of our camping sites are powered – you can choose to camp or park in the white, yellow, blue or green zone. Find out more…

Unpowered sites

For those in tents who want to get back to nature or motorhome owners equipped with solar, you may wish to choose one of our unpowered sites. Find out more…